Williamsville Real Estate Information

The 1,500-person town of Williamsville is located along the I-55 northeast of the city of Springfield in Central Illinois. The town is also the point of interchange between several rural roads and highways, notably Route 124. This junction of several roads has turned Williamsville into a viable stopping point for people driving from Springfield to Lincoln and vice versa. Not only do Williamsville’s small restaurants and town gas station prove to be well-used throughout the day by passers by but many Williamsville residents choose to stay and work in the neighborhood as well. A major part of this decision is based on the sheer time it takes to drive to the nearest city.

The historic village was founded in 1853 as Benton and by 1854, a store and supporting residential area had already been completed. Just two years later, a post office, school, and several more stores had popped up and in 1865, the area’s name was changed to Williamsville in commemoration of Colonel John Williams, an influential landowner in the area. This heritage has continued on to today where many visitors come to visit Williamsville and experience the Midwestern way of life as well as view some of the Midwest’s best historical attractions.

Partially due to Williamsville’s isolation, the community is quite close and tight-knit, as showcased in its several events held throughout the year. Bingo Night is held several times a year and rewards the winner with several large prizes. The Williamsville Community Center hosts the bingo nights and it’s not uncommon to see sell-out crowds every time Bingo Night rolls around. The community center also hosts an extraordinary reading program for the town’s children. Coffee Hour is another popular event that gathers the town’s older generations. The annual Pork Chops in the Park gala is a family-oriented celebration of a year gone by. The joy and merriment is combined with excellent food prepared by some of the town’s best chefs. The July Fourth Town Tram Tour keeps the heritage of Williamsville alive by taking interested parties on a tour around the area’s historical points and landmarks. The Route 66 Dream Car Museum is one of Williamsville’s most popular attractions.

Williamsville is also undergoing an ambitious Downtown Improvement Program, started in 2008, to revitalize some of the town’s most traveled areas. Façade and storefront improvements, road repaving, awning repairs, and renewal of the area’s greenery and plants.