Toronto Real Estate Information

Conveniently tucked away just south of the junction of interstates I-72 and I-55, the suburban community of Toronto is one of Springfield’s most desirable bedroom communities for its location close to Springfield as well as its picturesque setting against the crystal blue waters of Central Illinois’ most popular body of water. Some of Springfield’s best real estate is part of Toronto and the area is naturally well-maintained and a joy to be a part of. The rather exclusive neighborhood’s community association is also a strong local voice that represents homeowners and their properties as much as possible. Residents have come to enjoy the commercial-free area and don’t mind having to drive a few minutes to access several essential resources such as financial institutions, grocery stores, and gas stations.

Toronto is situated in the heart of the Springfield Lake Shore Improvement due to its location on the inside portion of the crescent-shaped Lake Springfield. The 4,260-acre lake is fed by Lick Creek and Sugar Creek and was formed with the construction of Spaulding Dam. Not only does the lake act as a source of water for the people of Springfield and its surrounding communities, Lake Springfield also provides a cooling source for the coal-fired electric generation plant that serves the city. The lake is known for spectacular fishing due to the abundance of warm-water fish, including bluegill, crappie, and flathead catfish. But besides fishing, other recreational opportunities, like power boating, jet skiing, and sailing, are other popular activities, especially in the warmer summer months.

The University of Illinois at Springfield, located along Lake Springfield just north of Toronto, contributes much to the local community by means of financial support and community programs that enrich the area. The school’s vibrant student population keeps Toronto and other nearby neighborhoods youthful and dynamic. The university is a small liberal arts school established in 1969 that offers twenty-one undergraduate programs, twenty master’s programs, and a single doctorate program. Almost five thousand students flood the campus each year to take advantage of one of the Midwest’s best colleges. The U.S. News and World Report Magazine recently ranked the institution as one of the best in the region.