Spaulding Real Estate Information

The tiny village of Spaulding is home to only 560 residents and is only 0.8 square miles in area. While the area predominantly residential and agricultural, there is a limited number of local commercial interests, mostly dedicated the to farming industry. Nevertheless, Spaulding’s position just south of the Route 54 highway places it on one of Springfield’s major entrance and exit thoroughfares, an essential position to ship and deliver a number of products that are grown and packaged in Spaulding. Residents have come to enjoy living in the midst of beautifully-maintained fields and endless crops. This rustic and rural living is dynamically intertwined with the noise and business associated with being on the outskirts of downtown Springfield.

The Sangamon River flows past Spaulding to the south. The river is a principal tributary of the Illinois River and is about 250 miles long. In early American history, the river served as the stomping grounds for several Native American tribes. An influential part of Spaulding and Springfield’s settlement because not only did it serve as an important source of water but could also be used for transportation as well as served as a fresh water breeding ground for fish and other marine life. Today, the part of the Sangamon near Spaulding serves exclusively as a recreational area for residents to enjoy.

Due to its location, Spaulding’s students are served by the Riverton Community Unit School District provides exceptional learning opportunities to Riverton’s students through a simple three-campus progression. Riverton Elementary School, Riverton Middle School, and Riverton Community High School each provide distinguished curricula based on the district’s vision to inspire each student to set personal goals and believe he or she can reach those goals in order to meet challenges and be successful in our ever-changing, technological world.