Riverton Real Estate Infromation

Situated near the junction of the I-55 and I-72 interstates, the Riverton community is situated just outside of the urban Springfield area. This positioning is quite beneficial for residents of Riverton because they get the best of both worlds. While their real estate is close enough to the downtown area to make a short daily commute, they are far enough from the center of Springfield to enjoy quiet streets, a safe neighborhood, and small-town feel. A number of local restaurants, convenience stores, and shops comprise the main street of Riverton although most residents do the majority of their shopping in Springfield’s downtown and shopping districts.

The 3,000-person neighborhood gets its name from the Sangamon River that forms the area’s western boundary. Some of Riverton’s more adventurous residents take to the waters occasionally during the summer months for a scenic but long kayak ride south to Clear Lake. Unfortunately, the river comes to a trickle in some places during the year resulting in kayakers having to carry their craft over embankments at some points on the river. Nevertheless, reaching Clear Lake is quite an accomplishment. Clear Lake is the closest major recreational area for residents of Riverton and is located near the town of Riverton across the interstate and closer to the fringe of Springfield. The lake is fed by several rivers and creeks that converge from what seems like every direction into the massive body of water. In the winter, the lake is not a fun place to be due to the cold weather, unstable ice cover, and snow that makes reaching the area difficult. However, during the summer months, the scenario is quite different and many residents can be seen frolicking in the refreshing waters among other activities.

The Riverton Community Unit School District provides exceptional learning opportunities to Riverton’s students through a simple three-campus progression. Riverton Elementary School, Riverton Middle School, and Riverton Community High School each provide distinguished curricula based on the district’s vision to inspire each student to set personal goals and believe he or she can reach those goals in order to meet challenges and be successful in our ever-changing, technological world.