New City Real Estate Information

As a part of Sangamon County’s Cotton Hill Township, the community of New City is located in rural Central Illinois and is typically referred to as the area surrounding the intersection of Highway 40 and Highway 37. Because the area is so small, most residents make the lengthy commute into Rochester or the much larger and diverse Springfield to work during the week. However, for those residents of New City who choose to stay in New City to work, the area is almost entirely agricultural and primarily focuses its resources on corn and soybeans that are best suited for the local soil and environment.

Located in between Lake Springfield and Sangchris Lake, New City also serves as a stopping point for campers looking for provisions and fishermen looking for bait and other supplies. The park at Sangchris Lake is often used as a home base for naturalists and visitors looking to explore a number of outdoor activities available in the vicinity. The 3,000-acre park includes 120 miles of shoreline on the lake. The area is a popular getaway for residents of Breckenridge who often use a number of the different facilities and venues at the park. There are eight picnic areas, picnic shelters, tables, grills, and various rest stations throughout the area. A number of designated campgrounds are also scattered throughout the park and are often booked far in advance by people looking to fish, boat, hunt, or even just gather as a family.

The University of Illinois at Springfield, located on the far side of Lake Springfield relative to New City, operates limited activities in New City as part of an initiative to study agriculture in the region. The university is a small liberal arts school established in 1969 that offers twenty-one undergraduate programs, twenty master’s programs, and a single doctorate program. Almost five thousand students flood the campus each year to take advantage of one of the Midwest’s best colleges. The U.S. News and World Report Magazine recently ranked the institution as one of the best in the region.

The majority of New City’s students attend schools in the Ball-Chatham School District, although some of the area’s youth that live on the outskirts of New City are eligible to attend schools in Rochester School District, Pawnee School District, or Kincaid School District. Nevertheless, five schools make up the local educational system as part of the Ball-Chatham School District. The educational flow is based on students attending four campuses throughout their careers. Chatham Elementary School or Ball Elementary School, Glenwood Intermediate School, Glenwood Middle School, and Glenwood High School make up the typical educational path for most of New City’s students.