Leland Grove Real Estate Information

The community of Leland Grove is technically a city itself although in reality it acts more as a suburban neighborhood on the southwestern side of the much larger Springfield, Illinois. It’s population of over 1,500 people enjoy the convenience of living in a primarily residential area while being so close to their workplaces and offices in the downtown business district. The very safe and quiet area is a family favorite. In fact, many families enjoy life in Leland Grove because of the vast range of services, attractions, and things to do nearby. One of Leland Grove’s best features is the elite Illini Country Club that is Springfield’s most popular and well-known facility. Its rolling greens and well-kept fairways can rival some of the best courses in the nation.

Fairhills Shopping Center, north of Leland Grove, is the area residents’ favorite shopping area because of its spacious parking lots and nice variety of stores. However, Town & Country Shopping Center and Southwest Plaza are two of Leland Grove’s primary shopping hubs. Used together, Leland Grove’s residents have access to a number of grocery stores, every day services, brand name retailers, and local boutiques. White Oaks Mall is the largest shopping plaza for Leland Grove and a number of other neighborhoods in the area, including its southerly neighbor Jerome. Anchored by Bergner’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Macy’s, and Sears, White Oaks Mall includes a number of large retailers and national brand-name merchandisers. More than 115 specialty stores and restaurants fill the mall’s promenades. Residents of Leland Grove enjoy being able to shop at high-end fashion stores and dine at quality eateries so close to their home.

Located in Springfield Public School District Number 186, the students of Leland Grove experience unparalleled educational opportunities in conjunction with students from Jerome who share the same campuses. Butler Elementary and Sandburg Elementary School are the two primary campuses in Leland Grove that serve the area’s youth thorough grade five. Benjamin Franklin Middle School and Springfield High School, not exactly in Leland Grove, serve the community’s youth through their senior year.

As a part of the immediate Springfield metropolitan area, Leland Grove is served by the Springfield Mass Transit District that provides public transportation on thirteen fixed routes throughout the area seven days a week. The fixed-route buses provide service to medical facilities, major employment centers, tourist attractions, major retail shopping centers, schools, colleges, professional buildings, the central business district and all major points of interest. Most recently, a historic sites route was opened mainly for visitors and sightseers to have convenient access to all of Springfield’s most treasured landmarks.