Grandview Real Estate Information

The small town of Grandview, Illinois, hosts a population of just 1,500 people in the heart of Springfield. The Sangamon County community is quite urban in nature but acts as a suburban neighborhood in support of the downtown Springfield business district. Over 95% of residents work in the downtown area during the week and by nightfall, most residents have returned to the community. A popular weekend attraction is Bergen Park Golf Course where many residents play a few rounds of golf. It’s not uncommon to experience waits exceeding a few hours as well as days fully booked well in advance.

Sangamon Center North serves as Grandview’s primary shopping area. With retail outlets ranging from a small coffee shop to big-box retailers, most Grandview residents can run most of their errands nearby. Very rarely are residents forced to shop elsewhere. While the shopping plaza includes a number of national brand retailers and a limited number of fashion boutiques, residents in search of designer stores and other high-end luxuries usually have to drive across town to the White Oaks Mall.

Located in Springfield Public School District Number 186, the students of Grandview experience unparalleled educational opportunities. Both Wanless Elementary School and Wilcox Elementary School provide exceptional programs and curricula to students through grade five. Both schools claim they are committed to creating a community where all students can share their thinking through writing and conversation every day. It is this open environment that allows Grandview’s children to grow so quickly. Washington Middle School and Lanphier High School serve students the rest of the way through graduation.

As a part of the immediate Springfield metropolitan area, Grandview is served by the Springfield Mass Transit District that provides public transportation on thirteen fixed routes throughout the area seven days a week. The fixed-route buses provide service to medical facilities, major employment centers, tourist attractions, major retail shopping centers, schools, colleges, professional buildings, the central business district and all major points of interest. Most recently, a historic sites route was opened mainly for visitors and sightseers to have convenient access to all of Springfield’s most treasured landmarks.