Glenarm Real Estate Information

Situated due south of the city of Springfield, the community of Glenarm is conveniently located on the I-55 interstate, about twelve miles or a fifteen minute drive from the heart of Springfield. Because the town is literally situated alongside the major thoroughfare, Glenarm receives a lot of attention from truckers and shippers who use the town as a waypoint before entering Springfield from the south. Glenarm’s residents enjoy the quiet, country-style living even more so because they don’t have to be bothered by uneven roads, dirt paths, or other unsavory experiences usually associated with communities of similar size and lifestyle.

The town’s next-door neighbor is Pawnee, featured in the hit NBC show “Parks and Recreation” which is a television series around local government and an especially comical parks and recreation department. While technically not included in the Pawnee Unified School District, students in Glenarm have the option of registering at Pawnee High School that is just a few minutes east of the majority of Glenarm residents. Another local educational option is Auburn High School in Auburn, about fifteen minutes west of Glenarm. Because no schools are actually located in Glenarm, residents can also choose to take the Springfield option and take classes closer to the city. This is a good option for many parents who drop their children off at school on their way to work.

Located smack dab in the middle of Sangchris Lake State Park and Lake Springfield, Glenarm’s residents who enjoy being in nature have two excellent recreational opportunities. The 4,260-acre Lake Springfield acts as a source of water for Springfield and Glenarm as well as a cooling source for an electricity plant nearby. More importantly, the lake is known for spectacular fishing due to the abundance of warm-water fish, including bluegill, crappie, and flathead catfish. But besides fishing, other recreational opportunities, like power boating, jet skiing, and sailing, are other popular activities, especially in the warmer summer months. Sangchris Lake is part of the Sangchris Lake State Park and is three thousand acres of absolute fun outdoors because of the large number of campgrounds, picnic areas, and trails of all difficulty levels.