Fancy Prairie Real Estate Information

The 200-person precinct of Fancy Prairie is located north of Springfield and is what most people would classify as a typical Midwestern town that is quite rural and isolated from the rest of the region and the world. While many city dwellers would detest the idea of living far away from the pollution and noise of Springfield, Fancy Prairie’s residents like it just the way it is. While most immediate food needs can be met at the local grocery store or by crops grown locally, most residents make time to drive into the nearby cities to shop and run errands that can’t be done at home. The drive isn’t that far anyway – only about thirty minutes.

Fancy Prairie is rather remote, even by Midwestern standards, and actually sits halfway between Springfield and another Illinois community, Lincoln. The 16,000-person town of Lincoln is named after former president Abraham Lincoln and hosts a number of educational institutions like Lincoln College, Lincoln Christian College and Seminary, and Heartland Community College. Because Lincoln is much smaller than Springfield, many residents of Fancy Prairie prefer running errands, shopping, and gathering in Lincoln. A number of attractive state parks and other recreational facilities available in Lincoln also make it an even better alternative to the state capital.

The I-55 interstate serves as Fancy Prairie’s main lifeline to the outside road. A trip into Springfield or Lincoln typically takes residents about half an hour on the freeway. However, without the I-55, the commute to either city would take almost three hours. The interstate actually starts in Laplace, Louisiana and terminates in Chicago after running a stretch of almost 975 miles. Interestingly, the interstate is also the only one of its kind in the nation to cross the Mississippi River twice.