Buckhart Real Estate Information

Located in the middle of a large triangle formed by the I-72 interstate, highway 29, and highway 48, the often-overlooked town of Buckhart is only sixteen blocks in area. Rochester is the largest sizeable city close to Buckhart and is Buckhart’s primary shopping and work destination. Because Buckhart is so small, the only residents that can afford to work locally are farmers and other people involved in the agricultural business. Most shopping and associated tasks and errands must be completed in Springfield proper where many discounters, wholesalers, and national chains have stores. However, there are grocery stores in Rochester that may be more convenient.

The town was built at the edge of several bodies of water that are scatted across the region. Although the lake hasn’t been formally named, local residents refer to it simply as “Buckhart Lake.” Not only does the fresh water serve as a source for irrigating crops and bolstering potable water tanks but it also serves as a fun stomping ground for Buckhart’s children. During the chilly winter months, the surface freezes over and many members of the community work to maintain it for skating. During the much warmer and actually hot summer months, the lake serves as a swimming pool for the neighborhood.

Sangchris Lake State Park is a few miles southeast of Buckhart and is perched on the northern end of the beautiful Sangchris Lake and is just minutes south of Breckenridge. The park is often used as a home back for naturalists and visitors looking to explore a number of outdoor activities available in the vicinity. The 3,000-acre park includes 120 miles of shoreline on Sangchris Lake. The lake was formed in 1964 when a dam was constructed across Clear Creek. The area is a popular getaway for residents of Breckenridge who often use a number of the different facilities and venues at the park. There are eight picnic areas, picnic shelters, tables, grills, and various rest stations throughout the area. A number of designated campgrounds are also scattered throughout the park and are often booked far in advance by people looking to fish, boat, hunt, or even just gather as a family.