Breckenridge Real Estate Information

The small town of Breckenridge is located directly on State Route 29 and is situated quite conveniently on State Route 29. However, while several Breckenridge residents do make the long drive into Springfield every day, the majority of residents either work locally from their homes or at local businesses. While minor shopping, such as looking for groceries, banking, or running errands, can be done in Breckenridge itself, most other tasks require a trip into Springfield. The majority of local residents make the commute into the city at least a few times a week for business or simply to eat at a fine restaurant or shop at big-box retailers, discounters, wholeshalers, or other fashion boutiques.

The lack of commercial development in the area has allowed the Breckenridge community to grow in harmony with the natural world that surrounds it. Therefore, most of Breckenridge’s attractiveness can be harnessed from the spectacular landscape that surrounds the tiny town. The 4,260-acre Lake Springfield not only acts as a source of water for the people of Springfield and its surrounding communities but also provides a cooling source for the coal-fired electric generation plant that serves the city. The lake is known for spectacular fishing due to the abundance of warm-water fish, including bluegill, crappie, and flathead catfish. But besides fishing, other recreational opportunities, like power boating, jet skiing, and sailing, are other popular activities, especially in the warmer summer months.

Sangchris Lake State Park is perched on the northern end of the beautiful Sangchris Lake and is just minutes south of Breckenridge. The park is often used as a home back for naturalists and visitors looking to explore a number of outdoor activities available in the vicinity. The 3,000-acre park includes 120 miles of shoreline on Sangchris Lake. The lake was formed in 1964 when a dam was constructed across Clear Creek. The area is a popular getaway for residents of Breckenridge who often use a number of the different facilities and venues at the park. There are eight picnic areas, picnic shelters, tables, grills, and various rest stations throughout the area. A number of designated campgrounds are also scattered throughout the park and are often booked far in advance by people looking to fish, boat, hunt, or even just gather as a family.