Bradfordton Real Estate Information

Conveniently situated along State Route 97, the small town of Bradforton is located northwest of the city of Springfield. The highway makes a direct beeline into the center of Springfield, allowing Bradfordton’s residents to quite easily reach the downtown district within a matter of ten to twenty minutes. Because the city is such a manageable size and because Bradfordton is located on its outskirts, Bradfordton has been developed into a suburban neighborhood well situated to serve people who work during the day in the downtown area.

Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport is just a few miles east from the center of Bradfordton and serves as the primary commercial airport for Springfield. The facility is also home to the Capital Airport Air National Guard Station, home to the 183d Fighter Wing. Residents of Bradforton enjoy the convenience of traveling out of town on moment’s notice thanks to the fifteen to twenty minute drive through countryside to reach the airport. Capital Airport receives commercial service to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on American Eagle and United Express as well as service to Myrtle Beach on Direct Air. Connections via Chicago can take Bradfordton’s residents around the world quite seamlessly.

The closest golf club is located on the fringe of Springfield, Illini Country Club. However, the average golfer could probably make better use of the Brookhills Golf Club, located south of Bradfordton. The golf course offers well-maintained links as well as a comfortable clubhouse. Several other recreational opportunities are afforded to Bradfordtown’s residents. A number of athletic leagues have teams based in Bradfordton although most competition takes place at parks and facilities in neighboring communities. The Capital Elite Cheer Team, however, is based in Bradfordton and is Springfield’s premier dance, gymmastics, and cheerleading training team and facility. Specializing in tumbling, pre-school gymnastics, competitive, and recreational cheerleading, the Capital Elite Cheer Team also sponsors a variety of dance classes and other recreational opportunities.