Bolivia Real Estate Information

East of the city of Springfield, the small country town of Bolivia is home to around one thousand people and could easily be forgotten on most maps. While the certain anonymity surrounds real estate and properties in Bolivia, this is just the way Bolivia’s residents like it. The quaint town is quiet most times of the year and is a safe place for many people to raise their families. Although the train tracks that pass through the southern portion of Bolivia are still highly maintained and in great shape, passenger services no longer pass through town. Amtrak’s already limited service to Springfield has been reduced to several daily frequencies that stop in Springfield en route from St. Louis to Chicago.

Although Springfield is only nineteen miles west of Bolivia, the drive takes about forty-five minutes due to the lack of a reasonable highway or interstate that serves the community. However, Bolivia’s rather unique positioning relative to Springfield means that there is little to no traffic, even during the peak morning and afternoon crunches. This makes the sometimes arduous drive a simple walk in the park on most days.

Almost equidistant to Springfield is Decatur, Illinois, the soybean capital of the world. The classic Midwestern city is home to over 110,000 people and is both a regional economic powerhouse as well as comfortable residential community. Although very few residents of Bolivia choose to work in Decatur due to the relatively long commute times, it’s not uncommon for residents to make the trip for weekends on the town to shop, dine, and attend shows at the theaters. A large contingent from Bolivia travels to Decatur for the annual Decatur Celebration, the largest free street festival in the state. Along with 150,000 other visitors, the residents of Bolivia look forward to the live bands, vendors, and family activities that make the trek well worth the time.