Bissell Real Estate Information

Situated just east of the I-55 interstate, Bissell is located on the fringe of downtown Springfield and serves as a comfortable and quiet suburban neighborhood. Because of its location, Bissell is largely an evening community meaning that residents commute to work in Springfield during the day and retreat to the serene confines of Bissell in the evenings. The town is named after William Henry Bissell, the former governor of Illinois who served the state from 1857 until his death in 1860. The politician was the first Republican governor who interestingly won election just two years after the founding of the Republican party. Although he was the first Republic governor of Illinois, he was also the first governor in Illinois to die while in office.

A number of railroad tracks intersect and cross in Bissell. The most common user of the rails is Amtrak, who serves Springfield on its route between Chicago, Illinois to the northeast and St. Louis, Missouri to the southwest. A number of cargo and freight trains also transit through Bissell. While there is heavy railroad traffic locally, Bissell’s residents are rarely bothered by loud noises as the tracks are far enough away from main residential developments and real estate.

The Sangamon River flows past Bissell to the north. The river is a principal tributary of the Illinois River and is about 250 miles long. In early American history, the river served as the stomping grounds for several Native American tribes. An influential part of Bissell and Springfield’s settlement because not only did it serve as an important source of water but could also be used for transportation as well as served as a fresh water breeding ground for fish and other marine life. Today, the part of the Sangamon near Bissell serves purely as a recreational area for residents to enjoy.