Berry Real Estate Information

The town of Berry is located along State Route 29 and is situated directly east of the major center and core of Springfield, Illinois. A short drive on Route 29 connects to the interstate I-72/I-55 freeway that quickly links Berry’s residents and their properties to the rest of Springfield to Illinois and the surrounding region. Berry features a common Midwestern town configuration of a central main street surrounded by several feeder streets. The main street features a number of small stores and sundries shops while the streets that branch off are mostly dedicated to single family dwellings.

The weather in Berry is quite typical of most other places in Illinois and the Midwest region. A highly-seasonal pattern marks the time of year for Berry’s residents. Hot summers and cold winters are the norm and while tornadoes are a very distinct possibility inherent to Berry’s location in the Midwest, the town has been spared from any such occurrences in recent history. Several storms come through Berry each year although most abnormal weather is helpful in maintaining Berry’s extensive crops.

Adjacent to the somewhat larger community of Rochester, Berry is quite close in proximity to Lake Springfield. The 4,260-acre lake is fed by Lick Creek and Sugar Creek and was formed with the construction of Spaulding Dam. Not only does the lake act as a source of water for the people of Springfield and its surrounding communities, Lake Springfield also provides a cooling source for the coal-fired electric generation plant that serves the city. The lake is known for spectacular fishing due to the abundance of warm-water fish, including bluegill, crappie, and flathead catfish. But besides fishing, other recreational opportunities, like power boating, jet skiing, and sailing, are other popular activities, especially in the warmer summer months.

Lincoln Greens Golf Course, located along the beautiful shores of Lake Springfield, is an eighteen-hole course that features almost seven thousand yards of golf on a par 72 course. The course was actually designed by Robert Harris and was first opened in 1957. As one of the only courses in the area open for use, Lincoln Greens Golf Course is typically quite busy at most times throughout the week.