Barclay Real Estate Information

Located alongside State Route 54, the tiny town of Barclay is about a thirty to forty-five minute drive from the heart of Springfield, located roughly fifteen to twenty miles southwest. Besides serving as a residential community, Barclay also serves as a gateway from Springfield to several rural communities further northeast. Buffalo Hart, Comland, Lake Fork, and Mount Pulaski are all reached by passing through Barclay. Residents of Barclay real estate find that living outside of Springfield is advantageous because there is no pollution, no noise, and very little to no crime to speak of. However, when needs arise, the city is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

One of Barclay’s hallmarks is its Farmers’ Market. The weekly event brings together some of Barclay’s finest farmers and growers to sell their fresh and affordable produce. The fruits and vegetables that are sold at the market have grown in reputation and are even purchased by some of Springfield’s finest restaurants. The importance of this market speaks volumes about Barclay’s agricultural environment. Because of its location, many of Barclay’s residents cultivate large properties. This farming background makes living in Barclay cheerful, quiet, and enjoyable.

The center of Barclay’s community is the Barclay Public Library. The facility provides residents of the immediate and surrounding communities with materials, services, and programs to foster lifelong learning as well as to build and maintain a stronger community. Founded in 1942 by a woman who started a library in her own home, the library has grown from a budget of just $1,000 to a complex operation providing residents with quick and efficient access to books and other media like DVDs, VHS video tapes, newspapers, and magazines.