Andrew Real Estate Information

Removed from the city of Springfield by a couple miles and situated north of the capital along side the I-55 interstate, the town of Andrew is a very small and relatively rural community that serves as both a separate neighborhood as well as a suburban one to serve the state capital. Because of its extremely limited population base, there is a very limited range of retail and shopping options in town, forcing the majority of residents to travel to nearby Sherman or usually downtown Springfield to shop and go about their daily errands. The railroad that passes through Andrew can be followed south to the Rail Golf Club, a popular weekend hangout for residents of Andrew, Sherman, and a few other communities located north of Springfield.

Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport is just a few miles south from the center of Andrew and serves as the primary commercial airport for Springfield. The facility is also home to the Capital Airport Air National Guard Station, home to the 183d Fighter Wing. Residents of Andrew enjoy the convenience of traveling out of town on moment’s notice thanks to the ten minute drive through countryside to reach the airport. Capital Airport receives commercial service to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on American Eagle and United Express as well as service to Myrtle Beach on Direct Air. Connections via Chicago can take Andrew’s residents around the world quite seamlessly.

Adjacent to the airport and just a few miles south of Andrew is the Illinois State Fairgrounds. The annual festival is centered on a theme of agriculture and has been hosted by the state almost every year since 1853. As the thirteenth largest state fair in the nation, the event draws more than 700,000 visits each year is currently spans over a ten-day period. The fairgrounds were originally built for the sole purpose of horse racing although the property now contains more than a hundred permanent buildings in addition to the Grandstand that still hosts horse racing among other events, such as concerts and recitals.