Mechanicsburg Real Estate Information

The 456-person village of Mechanicsburg is one of Sangamon County’s smallest communities and is situated relatively far east from the Springfield proper area. The area is quite isolated from the rest of the world although the charming streets are quiet similar to many other Midwestern towns. Mechanicsburg is centered around the east-west oriented Main Street with perpendicular streets being named by number. The very tight-knit and close population have kept some of Mechanicsburg’s oldest and richest traditions alive for several years.

The I-72 interstate serves as Mechanicsburg’s main lifeline to the rest of Springfield’s outlying communities and Central Illinois. The freeway serves not only Illinois but the rest of the Midwestern United States and actually starts in Hannibal, Missouri and terminates in Champaign, Illinois. Although the route only runs 184 miles in the east-west direction, it serves as a major shipping route as well as a vital means of transportation. While Mechanicsburg is somewhat removed from the interstate, several people will use Mechanicsburg as a rest stop on the long leg between Springfield and Decatur.

The rural Tri-City School District serves Mechanicsburg’s children and is actually based in Buffalo, a few miles east of the main part of Dawson. Serving the Buffalo, Dawson, and Mechanicsburg communities, the district includes just one campus that serves youth of all age, ranging from pre-kindergarten to grade twelve. A student population of just seven hundred students ensures small classes, individual recognition, and attention for each pupil. It is this attention and gracious learning environment that has made the school as good as it is today. A recently introduced technology initiative has further improved the quality of education available to local students.

Clear Lake is the closest major recreational area for residents of Mechanicsburg as the community is surrounded by agricultural fields as typical Midwestern plains. The lake is fed by several rivers and creeks that converge from what seems like every direction into the massive body of water. In the winter, the lake is not a fun place to be due to the cold weather, unstable ice cover, and snow that make reaching the area difficult. However, during the summer months, the scenario is quite different and many residents can be seen frolicking in the refreshing waters among other activities.