Cantrall Real Estate Information

The village of Cantrall is one of Sangamon County’s smallest communities in the central Illinois region. With a population barely exceeding one hundred people, the very tight-knit and close neighborhood is a part of the greater Springfield metropolitan area despite being rather isolated. Connected by rail, Cantrall is sandwiched by Athens to the northwest and Andrew to the southeast. Cantrall is predominantly a self-sufficient community, although residents will often go into Springfield to shop. Howevere, most work and play is done in Cantrall and the surrounding area.

The Community Unit School District Number 213 serves the youth of Cantrall with a shared school system. In the immediate area is Cantrall Elementary and Cantrall Intermediate while Athens hosts Athens Junior High School and Athens High School. Together, the two towns provide a full K-12 educational system that provides each student with an appropriate and quality learning environment.

The Rail Golf Club, situated along tracks on outskirts of Springfield, is a popular weekend place of activity and relaxation. Because Cantrall is so small, many residents will leave the town on the weekends in seek of some fun on the town. An alternative to golfing in the fall season is to take a train to the Illinois State Fairgrounds that is about ten minutes south of Cantrall.

The Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport can be reached via a straight southerly beeline and serves as the primary commercial airport for Springfield. Residents of Devereux Heights enjoy the convenience of traveling out of town on moment’s notice thanks to the ten-minute drive to reach the airport. Capital Airport receives commercial service to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on American Eagle and United Express as well as service to Myrtle Beach on Direct Air. Devereux Heights’ residents can also make seamless connections beyond Chicago to a number of other worldwide destinations.